Web Design Process

Step One: Define Objectives of the Web Design Process

web design processThis is one of the most critical steps in the web design process because every other step hinges upon it. What is the mission of your site? What specific tasks do you want to accomplish through your web presence?  How about the colors and overall look and feel of the site? These are just some of the questions that you need to answer before moving ahead with the project.

Step Two: Information Architecture

As technology evolves, our patience dissolves. Customers or potential customers that can’t find what they’re looking for on your site, or have to blindly navigate through unnecessary information, will not stick around for long. In the Information Architecture process, I work with you to design a clear, logical information structure that will determine the navigational “map” of your site.

Step Three: User Interface Design

In this step, we design the overall look and feel of your site. While developing this interface, my goal is to create a distinctive look that properly reflects your corporate identity.  At this stage, you’ll see the progress of your site that you can review through my web server.

Step Four: Content Development

Content – the substance of your site. Customers and potential customers won’t come to your site to see all the bells and whistles; they want information, they want to get things done. In this step, you put together all of the content elements that I’ll need from you – your copy, images, downloadable documents and any other files that will be included on the site.  Use your company name, geographical location (if you serve a particular area), product or service name (i.e. cabinets) and any other pertinent words people may type into Google or Yahoo as many times as possible without being redundant.

Step Five: Production

Now it’s time to bring it all together.  After you’ve signed off on the look and feel of the Graphical User Interface, I pull in all the content and construct the individual web pages.  At the end of this stage, you’ll see a fully-functional site that you can review through my web server and request any changes you may need.

Step Six: Quality Assurance & Testing

This is where I begin thorough testing of all links and navigation menus, and closely proof every page of your site.

Step Seven: Launching Your Site

After the site has successfully passed my testing phase and you’re completely satisfied with the results, it’s time to publish your site to the live web server. This is your official launch, but it’s not the end of my work. I offer full post-launch support including live training, search engine placement, ongoing content updates, and many other services to keep your site running smoothly.

It is okay to look at other websites for ideas that you may want to incorporate into the content of your website. Please do not take photos or text from other websites for me to copy into yours. This is copyright infringement and I will not knowingly do this. If you would like to use photos or other content from sites such as your vendors, you need to get permission from them to do so. You probably would not like to see another website with your photos and exact content in it! If you need photos for your website, I have subscriptions to several stock photo websites.  Just let me know what you need and I probably have it, or can get it!