Let’s face it, with all of the build it yourself hosting companies out there it seems like nobody should be at the mercy of a webmaster these days.  I’ve actually seen some pretty nice looking websites done this way.  So why do you need to hire someone to build your website?

The answer is simple.  There is lot more to an effective website than text and pictures.  An effective website requires effective, keyword rich content, good navigation, proper search engine optimization like the Google, Yahoo and Bing verification in the code in the home page html.  It should have a properly constructed sitemap.xml file, appropriate robots.txt files, descriptive alt tags and a multitude of other things that the build it yourself companies forget to mention to you.  If you don’t know what these things are, your website won’t do what you think it should – generate revenue for your business

My job is to guide you along the path of building a website that adds true value to your company by way of people actually finding your website and even better, contacting you for your product or service.  You can save money by building your own website or you can actually make money by hiring someone who can help you generate actual customers.

The bottom line is – if you just want a website address to put on your business cards, the build it yourself websites will work just fine.  If you want a website that actually generates customers (and money), you need to leave it to the experts!