July 9, 2013

What You Need to Know About Hashtags on Facebook

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Finally, hashtags on Facebook are going to be functional, just as they are on other social media sites like Instagram, Vine and Twitter. Now, users can click on the hashtag in a post, allowing a new feed to pop up that contains other user posts that contain the same hashtag. This function will also work for any posts that are uploaded to Facebook through another platform, like Instagram and Twitter.

Brand Opportunities with Hashtags

As a business, having the functionality of hash tags on your Facebook page makes it easy to track real-time conversations. Users have the ability to search for a specific hashtag to find relevant posts and join in conversations with fellow users. The only hashtag search results that are going to appear will be those that are made public, so keep that in mind as you monitor your data.

You will have the ability to monitor the conversations that revolve around your brand, giving you an added layer of metrics to measure the success you are having on social media. This also makes it easy to see any talk about a new marketing campaign or contest that you are holding. Your business can also “listen” to what users are saying about your products and services, both positive and negative, by following the hashtag feed

The Challenge of Hashtags on Facebook

Hashtags on FacebookFor now, mobile users will not be able to access the hashtag features on Facebook since mobile apps are not able to support those feeds. Users can include hashtags in their posts on mobile, but cannot click on them to view the hashtag feed.

Another challenge for marketers to keep a watch for is that a time may come when Facebook tries to monetize this feature. Hashtag targeting isn’t available yet, but it’s a good bet that it won’t be long in coming.

When you start to incorporate hashtags into your posts, remember that you don’t want to overdo it. No one wants to see a post that is composed of nothing but hashtags. Your followers still want to see valuable content from you, so make sure that you are giving it to them.

You can use the hash tags as a way to join in on conversations that are relevant to your brand, but don’t directly reference you. Don’t try to take over the entire conversation and make it all about your brand, because that won’t win you any fans.

While it’s great that Facebook has finally made hashtags functional, don’t rely on them to bring in new fans. Focus on putting out informative and engaging content plus images that will draw attention from users.

Are you happy that Facebook is finally embracing the hashtag? How do you think this can benefit your brand?

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