You have several options when it comes to designing a website.

  1. You can choose a do-it-yourself web based design services, such as GoDaddy’s Website Tonight or Intuit’s Homestead. This type of service may save you money initially, but in the log run, if your website isn’t professionally optimized, you will not receive the traffic you are attempting to attract. Most of these “cookie cutter’ services do not create very professional looking websites and you visitors will see this and think that you are not a serious alternative from your competition.
  2. You can hire an in-house employee to design and maintain your website contract with a website development company work with a freelance web designer
  3. You can hire an in house employee to design and maintain your website, but if you are a small to medium sized company, you probably can’t afford to do this.
  4. You can contract with a website development company, but they have large overhead to cover, which is paid for by their clients, which means greatly inflated prices. The large design companies will often make you feel like you just another “job” and not give you the personal attention you need. You may not even have any interaction with the actual designer.

A freelance designer is just as qualified in website design, but is much more affordable than the other three options.

With a freelancer you are communicating directly with the designer to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. A freelancer takes the time to work with you on building a professional looking, optimized and prosperous website. Your job will receive personal attention from a freelancer. The internet is the most powerful marketing media there is today so if your website is not attracting the traffic you need to convert visitors to sales, hiring a freelance web designer would be very beneficial and cost efective for your business.

Freelancers save you time and money. One of the great things about hiring a freelancer is that they have all the necessary qualifications to design a professional website. You don’t have to give them direction to get your job completed. A freelance web designer will take the initiative to complete your project using their many skills and experience. They will also answer any questions you may have about designing your website.