Website Pricing: How Much Does A Website Cost?

I assume you found this article while doing research about website design prices.  You may be a small company or organization in need of a website, but you’ve heard stories of bad website designers raking people over the coals.  I have been designing professional websites for over 15 years and I think many companies would like to know what is involved in building a website and How much does a website cost?

Before I get into the pricing part, I want to ask you… are you sure you need a website?

I can answer that question for you.  If you want your business or organization to succeed, you absolutely need a website.

How Much does a Website Cost

You don’t just need a website, you need an awesome website that stands out, gets your message across instantly, is simple to navigate and incorporates quality usability and functions.  You also need to be able to update your website.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your company is, you absolutely must have  a website.

So, How much does a Website Cost?

Just as the company they are representing, websites vary depending on their main purpose, so the price is based on the level of design and functionality needed to develop the website according to your individual needs.

Simple Static Website (5 pages) – $1,300 – $1,500
A simple website is pretty much an online brochure with your logo that gives you an online presence online and establishes that you are, in fact, a real company.   It’s amazing how many people won’t trust someone who doesn’t have a website.  A simple website can be done for an average of $1,400.  A basic site won’t give you the ability to interact with your website visitors with features like social media and a blog to post helpful articles.  You will be able to collect leads through a form mail.  You won’t be able to update the web pages, add photos, or post specials yourself.  I will optimize your website pages with on page SEO.  This means each page is optimized to come up in the search engines for a particular keyword phrase.

A simple website will assist in building your company brand, show your products and services and help as a lead generating tool.  The downside is, the design of the site  will be minimal as far as graphics, photo slideshows and other interactive features.  Your website will look like that of a lot of other websites out there – cookie cutter.  It will look professional, but not awesome.

Custom Website (8 to 12 pages) – $1,800 – $2,600
Custom websites are not as functional as premium sites, but are very professional looking, unique and all graphics are designed just for your website and target market.  The price of the custom website is because of the many hours it will take to design your company’s custom identity. It  will serve the same general purpose of the basic website, but it will be much more attractive and unique.  It can include a few extras like a photo gallery, or an estimate request form. It will be customized to reflect your businesses goals.  I will optimize your website pages with on page SEO.  This means each page is optimized to come up in the search engines for a particular keyword phrase.

Premium WordPress Website (update it yourself) – $2,200 and up
WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) website that is designed with visitor interactivity and beautiful design in mind, as you will receive both custom design and full functionality. You will be able to update all website pages, photos, and change the functionality (plugins) that are built into your website.  You will be able to add new pages and have a blog section on your website.  One of the major factors that helps a website rank higher in Google than its competition is fresh, unique, helpful content.  A premium WordPress website will give you endless possibilities as an upgrade-able and adaptable web application with the ability to add new features as your business evolves.

One of the greatest benefits of a WordPress website is that you can keep your website up to date without being charged an hourly fee.  WordPress websites have varying prices with regard to the amount of interactivity and custom functionality you need.  I offer free training on how to manage your website through a live screen share software, and am always here to help if you need it.  The training and support is included in the cost of your website.

I will optimize your website pages with on page SEO.  This means each page is optimized to come up in the search engines for a particular keyword phrase.

Can you Get it Cheaper Elsewhere?
Yes, you can. I have clients who have designed very nice websites themselves for next to nothing.  An okay looking website is not enough, and you will get little if any support.  If you don’t know what you’re going, you may over optimize or under optimize your website.  What good is having a website if nobody ever finds it? There are many key parts of a website that you don’t see.  Meta tags, sitemaps, Search engine submission, image optimization and a lot more.

Here’s something I hear just about every day from people looking for a web designer – “Our web guy was okay, but then he stopped answering calls and emails and just disappeared.”

From what I can tell, these are good people who are new to the web design profession.  They are not confident enough in their skills to charge what the job is really worth – so they charge way too little.  What happens is, this creates a business where no one is accountable and at some point, there’s no one there to pick up the phone or answer an email when you need help.  Often times they are designing websites as a sideline, and it gets to be too much, so they just become unresponsive, knowing you will eventually go away.  Whatever the reasons for the “flakey web designers”, you can rest assured that after 15 years of successfully working in my PJ’s I am not going anywhere.

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