How to optimize web page content

SEO isn’t as complicated at it may seem. By applying a few simple tips to optimize web page content, you can change a page’s SEO performance and ultimately, its ranking.

WordPress makes it fairly simple for page optimization. It allows you to enact just a few steps to assist search engines in finding your page content. There are numerous WordPress plugins that can step you through the optimization of your website.

Some of the ranking factors are:


A page’s title is the reader’s first impression of the page and this affects whether the reader will continue reading or not.

The title should be an accurate description of the page text so it captures the reader’s attention, and also assists search engines in finding your page.

Your page title is an important element of SEO. Google search algorithms have changed how it works, encouraging writers to focus on their readers more and less on the keywords. With that being said, your keyword phrase, in most cases would be the same as your page title.

Title should have no more than 60 characters.

Page title should be used as keyword phrase and within the page description.

Make it appealing enough to click.


Headings keep the text easy to follow by dividing it into blocks.  <h1> is the main part that needs to be emphasized more than <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5> and <h6>. These tags should be used in order of their importance and each one should only be used once on a page.

Heading are all different sizes, so the reader can quickly see the most important content. Headings are also used to create visual appeal.


Meta descriptions show a summary of the page text for search engines and should provide a clear description of your page.  It is also a preview for web surfers and assists them in deciding if they want to visit your website or not.

Use your page keyword phrase once in your page description.


Internal links can help with the user’s experience. They offer links to other related content within your website.

They also affect the search bot’s crawlability of your website, as the search engines see your pages as relative to each other.

External links to other websites that are related to your page are helpful SEO tools.  They give your page more authority and help the search engines understand the topic of your content. On or two external links on each page is a benefit to your SEO and to your site visitors.


Fresh content shows the search engines that you are an authority in your area of expertise.  This can help your search rankings and increase your website traffic.

Adding a new blog post at least once a week creates more authority and more pages to be found in the search engines.