Page Rank Explained

what is page rankWhen the term rank is mentioned, what comes into your mind is the positioning of a variety of things. Therefore, what is page rank? Page rank is the numeric representation of pages in the World Wide Web to show their importance. For search engines such as Google to get the numeric data in the form of votes, they check for how many links have been linked to another. The more a page has many other links, the more votes it has. However, not all links can determine the value of a vote. You will need a link from a relevant website to get valuable votes in your page.

Why do you need to consider page ranking? When you scroll to Google search engine and key in what you are looking up, the highly ranked pages will appear first. Therefore, having your page ranked top in Google will make it more visible to potential clients. What do you do in order to safely and quickly rank your page in the top? First of all, you will need a webmaster to control which pages you link to. Keep in mind that the webmaster cannot control the links that link to you but it can help keep in check the SEO pages that you link to. Why is this important? Google penalizes web pages that link into already penalized pages, but not because of pages that have been penalized linking with others. How will your webmaster know penalized web pages? Normally they have a PRO link on them. To get a high ranking, also consider getting backlinks. Similar to this, you can also trade your relevant links. To trade your links safely, registering into directories is a wise choice.

What can cause your page to be penalized? If you do not have a webmaster, you will most likely use link farming to get a high ranking. Link farming is linking to any other page carelessly without looking up if it is a link farm. Therefore, you should think twice on using just any software to automate linking to web pages since it can cost you a lot. When penalized, other individuals will always avoid linking to your page.

How will your page rank be calculated? Google uses the equation PR(A) = (1-d) + d(PR(t1)/C(t1) + – PR(tn)/C(tn)). The method has undergone a series of improvement, but this is the typical formula used. When you are trading links with other pages, it does not mean that you will get a higher ranking if you add your existing votes to the votes of the links you intend to trade. This is because, the formula changes once you trade with other pages. The formula now becomes PR(A) + PR(A) + (1-d) + d(….). This will make your proportioning incorrect.

To skyrocket your page rank, link with internal links. Internal links that are known by Google will improve your rating very quickly. It is clear to you now that you will need to increase your page ranking to appear at the top in Google. Use the above tips to connect with other pages securely.