Since it was first introduced to the public in 2003, WordPress has become the most popular blogging system on the World Wide Web, as it offers users free top-notch blogging websites and tools. There are over 60 million websites within this system, and this number seems to be augmenting faster every year.

Sadly, the more popular a website becomes on the Internet, the more hackers it seems to attract. For this reason, if you currently are a part of the WordPress community, there a few things that you should take into consideration so that you never become a victim of these individuals who like to take advantage of easy-to-mess with online sites.

Six Security Tips for WordPress Users

Security Tips for WordPress Users1. Importance of Updates

Keeping the core WordPress installation plugins and themes, and even the default themes that you don’t use up-to-date is extremely important for the safety of your website and personal information, as updates are mostly security based, which come in handy if keeping hackers at bay is the goal.

2. Opting for ‘Admin’ as Your Username is a Big No-No

If you opted to use ‘admin’ as your username, your website could be at great risk of being attacked by hackers at any time of the day. Some WordPress installers will automatically set it up with admin as the username. there are plugins that will let you change this.  Try Admin renamer extended By Ramon Fincken.  Hackers will literally try thousands of password combinations to get into your account just by using this username; therefore, change your username to a combination of words and numbers.

3. Use a Strong Password

Don’t even think about using your name and a couple of numbers as your password. With the help of various programs, hackers will always go the extra mile to analyze everything that is posted on your website when trying to figure out what your password is. For this reason, use at least one special character, two numbers, and throw in a capital letter to make your password a tricky one to figure out.

4. Rename the wp-admin login

Rename wp-login.php  By avryl is a plug-in that can help you change your wp-admin to something different, so that hackers cannot easily access your login page. This plug-in can really protect you from hacker harm to the max. It is often the route many members of the WordPress community pursue to protect their accounts.

5. Backup Your Website

Depending on how often you update your online site, it is important that you backup your website at least once a month. If you’re on cPanel hosting, you can easily backup your online site right on it. You can also backup the database from WordPress and download it to your computer using the built-in Export feature. If you can afford it, you can also backup your website with Backup Buddy.

6. Don’t Panic

If your website ends-up being bombarded with hackers, don’t panic! As most hosting companies perform a backup at least once a week and can easily restore it. You should be aware that some hosting companies may charge a fee to conduct this type of action (it can vary from $15 to $50), but if you stop and think about it, it is totally worth it in the long run. These security tips for WordPress users can make it nearly impossible for your website t get hacked.

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