Selecting a Good Domain NameBefore you launch that fancy new website you will need to purchase a domain name. A good domain name is as important to your online success as having a great website design. Here are a few tips that may help you select the right domain name.

Make it as short as possible. There is a reason there are very few three and four letter domain names available.  They are easy to remember.  I would suggest trying to stay within 12 characters. A good rule of thumb is to use several keywords in your domain name, especially if you service a local area. This makes it very clear to the search engines what your website is about. tells Google that you are all bout blue widgets in Sacramento. It doesn’t matter that your business name is Joe’s  Widgets n Things.  Your domain name does not have to be the same as your business name.  It is a good idea to purchase your business name if it’s available  ( and redirect it to your keyword domain. This way, you can use your company name for your business cards and advertising, but you will be ranked higher for the keyword domain name.

It’s okay if your current domain is not a keyword domain. The age of a domain name is also a strong factor in search ranking.  If you domain name is at least five years old, it most likely has more credibility than a competitor who had his website designed last month. It takes time to build up that credibility.