SEO Ranking can be a confusing topic. here are a few thing that are important in ranking your website high in the search engines.


Content is the text on your website.  Search engines attempt to show the most relevant results to people who are looking for a particular product, service or just information.  Having good content with keywords is extremely important for your search engine ranking. If your site does not have at least 300 words, you won’t rank very well. Make sure your website has good, informative content so people will take an interest in reading the information you provide.  Your content must be relevant to your business or organization.


ALT Tags

Alt tags (alternative text) describe your photos since the search engines can’t see them.  The search engines can see the descriptive alt tag, so this is a great way to get extra keywords in your website.  If you have a picture of a red poppy flower, you can give it the alt tag “red poppy flower”.  Always use words that describe the photo or it can hurt your search rankings.


Ten years ago it was normal practice to put keywords everywhere, but  today, this practice of keyword stuffing can get you penalized or banned from the search engines.  Use the best keyword phrases to describe your website and use them sparingly within your content.  Your keywords should comprise about 3% of your content.  This will help you gain a better optimization ranking.

Search Engine Ranking Results

It will take a few weeks and possibly months for your website to start showing up in the search engine results. It needs to be indexed by the search engines. You SEO can be adjusted based on how it is ranking once it has been indexed.

Social Media

Social Media helps with SEO ranking by linking your Social Media accounts to your website.  This gives you quality backlinks to your website.  Social Media also gives your website more exposure, which increases traffic.  By posting new articles or special pages on your social pages, you can spark people’s interest to go to your website.

Fresh Content

Keeping your site updated with new content on a regular basis is very beneficial.  Adding Blog posts is one good way to do this. Your articles need to be related to your website, informative and interesting. This will get your website indexed by the search engines more often.  Don’t forget photos with alt tags!

Learning the best SEO practices goes a long way in helping your website reach, and stay, at the top of the search engines!