Social Media for Search Rankings – What’s all the hype about Social media for search engine rankings?  It’s simple, the more social media followers, likes and video views you have, the more important you look to Google.

In a recent detailed study of Google ranking factors by search analytics firm Searchmetrics, this was one of the main takeaways.

The study collected data from February to March 2012 from a basis of 10,000 top keywords, 300,000 websites and millions of links, shares and tweets. The ranking sites’ content included: 248,603,582 Facebook comments, 2 billion shares and 7 billion likes. The test was this: Which SEO factors are more relevant today for a top ranking in Google search results?

Social Media for Search Rankings - According to the data, social signals go hand-in-hand with good rankings. Many of the top signals are social: Google+ Likes, Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers and YouTube Views – with backlinks and website traffic being the only non-social ranking factor in the top 6. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ now strongly indicate higher rankings in Google’s index.