Successful SEO Proof

Yes, I’m showing successful SEO proof, something you probably haven’t seen before. Each image below is an actual screenshot of a Google Search. You can paste the same keywords into Google and the results should be the same.  These screenshots were taken on July 12, 2014, so they may fluctuate up or down a space or two.  Most of these sites were optimized with on page optimization alone and nothing else.  On page SEO doesn’t always do the job, but it’s the first place to start. These are my clients and you will see a link to my website at the bottom of each one.  I seriously doubt that you will find anyone else out there who is selling SEO who will show you this kind of successful SEO proof.

I do put a bit of effort into my own website because I like being in the number one spot and if I don’t work at it, I won’t stay there.  That’s what real search engine optimization is all about – taking the lead – and keeping it!  I have many more examples I can show you. Give me a call and let’s do a screen share!

In the screenshots below, I am showing which listings are paid advertising, directory sites, social media sites and organic company websites.

Click on an image to open a larger view so you can read it.  To learn about how Google Works read their How Search Works.

Powersite SEO

sacramento web design

There are three companies paying to be at the top, but many people bypass those who are paying to be there.


sacramento flooring company

This is a pretty competitive niche! Now that’s successful SEO proof!

organic search results

sacramento spray foam insulation

Two paid listings and even the exact keyword domain name below him can’t bet my client!

Successful SEO Proof

food service equipment reps

This client is competing Nationally and comes up  on page one out of thousands of competitors!

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top seo placement

ca environmental mfg reps

How many Environmental Manufacturing Reps do you think are in California?

google number one placement

vacaville hypnotherapy

Two people are paying for the number one spot, but my client gets free!


sacramento process piping

A company name C & C has a lot of presence, but where’s there website?  Wouldn’t you rather have your website come up in the search engines?

seo and websites

sacramento cpa auditor

This is a long time client and top dog for Sacramento CPA Auditor position #1 and #2 – Sweet!