In a nutshell, I will answer the question”What is responsive web design?”

Responsive web design is a website that is designed to fit on all screen sizes from a 24 inch monitor to a small smartphone screen.  All of the elements on the website will shrink to fit whatever screen size it is being viewed on.  This is extremely important for anyone with a website because the use of smartphones and small tablets is increasing every day, along with their internet usage.  The photos of’s website below shows how it fits on different screen sizes.  The videos, graphics and text all adjust to fit perfectly on all devices.  This is a responsive website.

what is responsive web design

Disney’s responsive website


Do you need a responsive website?
More people are using smartphones and tablets every day. It’s more important than ever to recognize the fact that search engines and website visitors are going to want you to have a mobile friendly, responsive website. Responsive websites have the ability to shape and resize themselves to fit nearly any mobile device there is.  This means that a Responsive site has the ability to form itself to an iPad, Laptop, or even a desktop computer with a large monitor all at the same time. This is some pretty amazing design technology!  Instead of having a separate mobile version of your website made, you can have one website for all. Instead of splitting your website traffic into two websites, it all goes to the same place.  This is important because one of the factors that determine your Google page ranking is how much traffic your website receives.  Two websites means half the traffic to each.If you want to take advantage of all of the website traffic that you can, the answer is absolutely yes!  The infographic below shows how responsive web design actually works without getting too technical.  My job is to do the technical stuff.

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