Why WordPress Web design?

Sacramento WordPress WebsitesI offer custom Sacramento WordPress web design and free one on one training on how to manage your website.  You will be able to add and update pages and blog posts.  you will also be able to manage photo galleries, forms, images show on your page and all installed plugins.  I teach you how to protect your website from hackers and perform regular backups to keep on your computer.  I have an extensive library of WordPress tutorials that my clients have access to whenever they need to review something.  If you already have a WordPress website and just need some help with it, I offer live support for $30.00 per half hour.

I’ve been designing HTML websites since 1998, long before there was a Google, or a Yahoo or a Bing.  At that time, all websites were hand coded in HTML.  I first tried using WordPress about six years ago. I didn’t really feel the need to “blog”, but I like to be familiar with products that my clients may be interested in.  I found that I didn’t have a lot of control over the look of a WordPress blog.  I could pretty much slap in a header graphic or logo and change a few colors and fonts. I also wasn’t able to change the page layout as far as showing the sidebar on some pages and not on others. Another restriction I found was that WordPress had limited functionality as far as adding special features such as custom forms, photo galleries, the ability to back up or move the site, SEO functions (this is a critical part of any website), and many other restrictions.

Over the past five years all of that has changed.  I started noticing that actual websites were being built in WordPress and this reignited my interest in learning how to use it. There are so many plugins to perform functions from simple Social Media widgets to having customers Text a review of your business to a phone number and have it show up on your page immediately! Your star rating even shows up under your Google listing – how cool is that?