Most standard websites viewed on a mobile phone are extremely hard to read and navigate.  This is why you need a mobile website.  If you are using any flash for animation or in your navigation, it is not viewable on iPads or iPhones.

You need to supply your website visitors with what they are searching for and it must be easy to find, read and navigate. If you don’t, they will most likely keep searching until they find a website they can read without zooming and scrolling around.  When they are viewing your website on a mobile device and getting frustrated because it isn’t mobile optimized, you will most likely lose a sales lead.

Why you need a mobile websiteMost businesses haven’t found a need to create a mobile website, whether it’s because they don’t know an experienced designer, or just don’t know the statistics of people who are using smart phones to search the net. In either case, this technology is getting the attention it deserves from the most tech savvy of business owners who understand the internet, business, and growing with the latest technology.

Mobile websites do not need to be a separate website from your current site.  I can design a main website that incorporates easy navigation for smartphones, a tap to call button, and make your text easy to read on without having to zoom in.

Your visitors will learn to appreciate that you have put the effort into simplifying their browsing experience. They will also see you as a modern business that uses the newest & best technology. It demonstrates a progressive business, and someone most people will want to work with.