Why you need a websiteWhy you need a Website – The general public expects businesses to have a website. They no longer use the Yellow Pages to look up the products and services they seek. If they don’t find your business online, they will find your competitor’s. Consumers search the internet to find the information, products and services they need. They are looking for at the very minimum, contact information so they can connect with you. Websites have become as essential as a telephone in connecting with potential customers. A website will also assist your company in increasing revenue.

Why you need a Website:

A website makes it easier for new customers to locate you if you have a physical office, store or showroom. If you have a map on your website, they can get driving directions right from your site.

A website expands the purpose of a print ad. The addition of a website address to any ad, even a very one, means that anyone who is interested in the ad can find a lot more information about your company. This is even better when you have a portfolio of photos on your site.

A website saves you time. A lot of time and effort is wasted by repeatedly giving the same information over and over, on the phone or in person. It helps the consumer a lot if you have a page on your website that provides answers to the most frequently asked questions.