WooCommerce Shopping Carts

Many entrepreneurs nowadays know the importance of doing business online. They are aware of the reach and the scope of the internet; they know how to turn their companies into brands by following the best practices in the virtual world, they know how to win the customer’s business effectively.

Among the best platforms of the past few years, WooCommerce is a powerful, extendable e-commerce plug-in that will help you to sell anything with ease. WooCommerce offers you enterprise level quality features while backed by a name you can trust.

WordPress as an E-commerce platform:

There are many open source and paid platforms for e-commerce there on the web. Then why people opt for word-press? Well, the answer is it can give you an e-commerce website by putting the least possible effort for one. Besides this word-press is easy to use and it is user-friendly. You can update your website’s content, images, etc at. your own sweet will. Doing this would save your money and time that you might have to spend with a developer to see the desired changes.

Moreover, WordPress offers many possibilities, and you can make it look just the way you want. For example, you can make changes in the theme layout by using add or remove options on the sidebar, add/delete pages, posts, etc. By your requirements, you can use free plugins which are pretty useful such as ‘bank live chat’ and ‘contact form 7’ to stay in touch with your customer?

Additionally, with an e-commerce website, a custom payment gateway is required, and it may cost you a lot if you design and develop your website using any other platform like PHP, NET, etc. But in WooCommerce, there are a lot of free plugins available that can be used by your site. This eventually results in saving a lot of money for your business. The spare money could be spent on e-cart and other platforms while getting your woo commerce site to the top position.

Double features of WooCommerce:

  1. Strength and flexibility: Woo-commerce is developed using word press best practices from both fronts till the back end. This will result in the efficient, robust and intuitive plugin.
  2. Configurable: when your business is unique, your online store also needs to be. Choose one of our e-commerce themes or create your own and touch it with the built-in shortcodes and widgets. An interesting feature of woo commerce is that it can work with any theme, including the default press theme, and can also be customized at an affordable price.

Eight Transactional models are offered by WooCommerce: Whether you are operating large multinational selling thousands of products, or you are sole shop selling handmade arts and crafts, WooCommerce will suit your needs. Payment gateways, delivery methods, and integration are essential for any online store including the following products.

– Standard PayPal Gateway – Accept credit cards and PayPal payment options.
– BACS, Check and Cash on Delivery – Simple offline transactions.
– Delivery at a fixed rate – send your goods at a fixed rate.
– Free Shipping – Free Shipping or Coupon to Include.
– International delivery, local delivery and, local transfer.
– Google Analytics – powerful analytics, including tracking e-commerce.
– Share your dad and share this – will allow your customers to share their products with friends.
– Share your shopping cart – this will encourage your customers to share their purchases in exchange for a coupon.