So, you have a list.  Why aren’t people opening your emails?  It’s all about writing effective email subject lines.

Understanding the psychology of your readers is the key to having your email opened. The most important part of your email campaign is in writing effective email subject lines.

Technology Overload

Writing Effective Email Subject Lines

The first thing you need to realize, is that your readers are constantly being bombarded with companies trying to get their attention through social media, popup messages, text messaging and email. This is a difficult thing to have to compete with. Your audience has become jaded to the loud “Call to Action”.

Everyone has their own way of deciding which emails are worthy of opening and which are not. This is ultimately decided by the subject line of the email. So, How do you write effective email subject lines that will be more likely to be opened?

When it comes to effective website design, if it looks professional, most people will think it’s worth looking at. Local businesses with bad reviews will probably not get a lot of attention. When it comes to email marketing, you must show that you are offering information of value and from a trusted source.

Consumers have become quite savvy in determining the value of an email by the subject line.

Rules for Writing Effective Email Subject Lines

The Don’ts:

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  • Don’t use all CAPS or Question marks in your subject – everyone is on this trick
  • Don’t be Vague in your email subject – it will be ignored
  • Don’t try to make your subject funny – unless you are a comedian
  • Don’t make it look too good to be true – people will assume it isn’t true and delete it
  • Don’t ask for anything in your email subject
  • Don’t make promises you can’t fulfill

The Dos:

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  • Be honest by describing your information accurately
  • Keep your subject line at less than 50 characters – make your point quickly
  • Give relevant and timely information
  • Use a simple emotional appeal


[mk_icon_box title=”Examples of Effective Email Subject Lines for a Hardware Store” text_size=”20″ font_weight=”inhert” icon=”moon-envelop-opened” style=”boxed” icon_size=”small” rounded_circle=”false” icon_location=”top” circled=”true” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_circle_color=”#9dbf5f” box_blur=”false” title_color=”#386b29″ txt_color=”#474747″ margin=”30″]

“Spring’s Latest Yard Work Supplies Available Now”

“New Gardening Supplies for Summer On Sale Now”

This tells the consumers what the email is about, gives an emotional appeal and also shows some immediacy to give more incentive to open the email.[/mk_icon_box]

The best email subjects apply a “Tell – Don’t Sell” philosophy

People are exhausted with desperate marketers trying to pull them in. Information is what they are looking for in email and will be more likely to open emails with an informational subject line.

Writing effective email subject lines is pretty easy. You just need to understand that consumers are tired of spam, and make quick decisions about the worthiness of an email based on the subject line.

A few of the most widely used email marketing platforms are Aweber, MailChimp and Get Response. This type of email campaign manager gives you a lot of information about the emails you are sending out and shows you what works and what doesn’t.